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Here is a FREE short story by Aaron Dries called DADDY.

To download it in PDF format, click here.

"Lewis was only two weeks into his four-month contract with the London architecture firm when he found the baby in the dumpster, lying on a cot of lettuce leaves and used condoms."

In this modern day twist on the Good Samaritan story, Dries tells the story of Lewis, a lonely architect who finds an abandoned newborn crying in an alleyway. But after handing the child over to authorities, once his burst of savior-celebrity wears off, the father-who-never-was mourns for the child that was never his in the first place... He has so much love to give and nobody to show it to, until he finds Darling Diddi, a beautiful doll in a thrift store window. And from this moment on, Lewis' obsession with becoming a father takes a disturbing and self-destructive turn for the worse.

Here is a FREE graphic novel prologue to Aaron Dries' THE FALLEN BOYS, written and illustrated by the author himself. To download it in PDF format, click here.

"There were no chirping crickets. No birdsong. Just night's sigh. And through it all, Stacy Norman slept. Unaware of her important role in The Forgiveness."

Marshall Deakins has tried to come to terms with the tragic suicide of his young son. But it still tortures him. His search for answers will lead him down a twisted path paved with secrets and grotesque lies. Instead of peace he finds madness, held captive as part of a deranged plan filled with suffering…and blood. As the nature of his captors’ insanity is revealed, Marshall will need to confront the truth about his son and his own past if he hopes to have a future.